Wha’ hap’n?

What hap’n?

What happen man?

What hap’n to the revolution?

You know

The one what was s’pose to make

Errybody equal

Let errybody come inside the Savoy Theatre

An’ the Nassau Sailin’ Club

An’ make it just as easy to get a job

Whether you black or white?

Wha’  hap’n?

Wha’ hap’n to the promise?

You know

The one what promise

Power to the people


To tha’ Grammy through Muddy Alley

Raisin’ her daughter three chirren while

Workin’ as a so-call housekeeper

Talkin’ politics an’ rid’n the jitney

To Prospect Ridge

Complainin’ ‘bout the bossman wife

Who ain’ never ride no jitney

Actin’ stupid, like she scared’a roach an’ crab

Mussee forget she grow up in tha’ two-room house in Andros

With roach an’ crab in season

Like she ain’ never use her hard heel

To hol’ down crab

An’ now she actin’ like she ain’ never see dirt

Carryin’ on like a jackass roun’ Grammy head

Wha’ hap’n?

Wha’ hap’n to the revolution?

The one what promise

If I give my power

To someone who look like me

Someone with sand under his toenail

With black dirt from McCullough Corner

In the lines in the palm’a his hand

That he would make me like king

An’ we would run this country t’gether

Like two sailors in the George Town regatta

One on the tiller

The other one trimmin’ the sail

That he would search out and get rid’a

All the causes’a poverty an’ bad feelin’

An’ never forget

Shoot’n marble on Good Friday

Sunday School picnics on Hog Island

The juiciest hamburgers in the world

From the Palm Tree

Sneakin’ into the Capital Theatre

For mornin’ show after Junkanoo

What hap’n?

What Hap’n?

The Moses them who they say lead the fight

All dead an’ laid to rest

What hap’n to the Joshuas, who s’pose

To draw plan for the Promise Land

Where me an’ my friends

Grammy an’ Uncle Cephus

Them Acklins people on Augusta   Street

Them two crazy sisters from Lowe Sound

An’ tha’ conchy joe man from halfway up the hill

Would be first class citizens

Instead’a sit’n on this back bench

Watchin’ foreigners an’ people with money

Mashin’ up our birthright

What hap’n?

What hap’n?

Wha’ hap’n to the revolution?

I just step outside a minute

To get me some stew conch

An’ when I come back

They say the revolution over

What happen?


April 2007