This is a part of a presentation developed and presented about 5 years ago, shared with at least one Government Minister.


  • You take the edge of the wharf along Woodes Rogers Walk, the one used by the booze cruises, water taxis and ferries, and extend it out about 75 feet. That leaves more than enough for those present uses.
  • Imagine extending this new wharf as a walkway all the way around to the end of Prince George Dock. (Still leaving enough space).
  • You now have over 2 acres of brand-new, unzoned, publicly-owned waterfront property (plus the Customs Building, of course).

Now, imagine:

  • You create a zone of art, craft and entertainment, using both the new property and the existing Customs Building on Prince George Dock. The development would be similar in some ways to Bayside in Miami or Navy Pier in Chicago.

Market Range2

Then imagine:

  • The whole development themed as the Nassau of 1850, with buildings built of “old” wood, lit by gas lamps and with cobblestone floors. The façade of the Customs Building converted to the façade of the then Bay Street (or its equivalent). Workers in the area might even wear period clothing.
  • A replica of the Queen Anne’s Revenge (Blackbeard’s ship), moored at the western end of Prince George Dock as a tour.
  • A new dockage for themed water taxis and ferries at the western end of the development, and an open, floating stage for occasional free concerts at the eastern end.

Balcony House

 And now, can you imagine?

  • The whole development created by a Public-Private Corporation designed to create entrepreneurial opportunities for local businesspeople.
  • 20-hour-a-day commerce and entertainment from Rawson Square to Navy Lion Road, with millions of satisfied visitors annually and hundreds of successful local businesses.
  • Existing Woodes Rogers Walk businesses sharing this new success, with both new volumes and extended business hours.
  • This development fuelling new and more vibrant business in the whole area.

By the way, the development would draw on the history of Nassau harbour as the most important (and safest) in the region, with a key role in piracy, slavery, rum running, wrecking and, of course, Colonial rule. It would be called Olde Nassau Harbour, and I believe it could be the most potent destination attraction in the region from its completion.

Just thinkin’…..

July 17, 2016