Once upon a time, humans lived in caves. Some still do. Literally. We went out, found and killed stuff and brought it back to our cave. While we were gone, we knew our family was protected by the cave, and it made us feel good.

When bad weather came, we blocked the entrance to the cave and moved deeper into its safety.


Today, our cave looks different. It’s got many entrances rather than the standard one, these things called “windows”, and thin walls. It’s much easier for the neighbours to get in to take our “stuff” while we are away, and a wooly mammoth or a bit of bad weather can easily leave us cave-less.

So we’ve learned to rely on things called “locks” and “hurricane straps” and “impact windows” and “reinforced concrete” to feel OK about leaving our cave to go out hunting. Today, we can even use magic eyes to see what’s happening in and around the cave while we are miles away with something called “cell phones”.

This is what we call cave security.

Oh, and today we call our cave our home. The neighbours who want to take our treasures we call burglars. The witchcraft that allows us to watch our homes while we are away we call surveillance. The wooly mammoth is gone, but the bad weather we now call hurricanes.

This week, Patrick Rahming & Associates and Cacique Homes have arranged for experts in the various aspects of home security to bring us up to date about these things. We’ll hear about developments in the technology of impact doors and windows, surveillance systems and building intelligence. And since stuff happens, we’ll hear about the role and benefits of insurance.

The event is called “Is Your Home Secure”, and is open to the public as part of our effort to share information. We hope you find it useful.

(The flier is below.)

Seminar Flier 3_0