What is “Mobocracy?” It is the belief that appropriate social behavior is determined by the majority. For example, while it is clearly socially destructive for people to film a murder rather than trying to prevent it, it has become accepted behavior to reach for the phone, not to call the Police, but to begin shooting a video of the attack or tragedy, then immediately, with no thought about the ramifications, to post the video to social media, then monitor the extent to which it goes viral. Then, to extend the benefit of the mob behavior, there is such buy-in to this counter-productive behavior that it is immediately forwarded by all and sundry to all and sundry.

There are those who call this democracy in action. The problem is that the majority-rules form of democracy was never meant to apply to social behavior. The principle of Democracy was meant to apply to political behavior. Social behavior is meant to be guided by the principle of Morality.

So, in the Bahamas, Mobocracy is the current greatest threat to Morality. In fact the evidence shows that we have finally fully accepted that Morality is determined by majority vote. We can now say proudly, “The Bahamas is a Mobocracy.”