It is interesting that much of the discussion about the treatment of former Government Ministers before the Courts has centered on whether they deserve it or not, or whether they should be treated differently than other accused persons. The almost universal response has been that anyone objecting to their treatment is either blindly PLP or is asking for special treatment for politicians.

How hypocritical we are!

We take developers to court (in some cases to the Privy Council) because we are appalled by the treatment of dolphins – actually holding them in pens and making them perform for us. We demand prosecution for horse or dog owners caught mistreating their animals. The nation a aggrieved when the swimming pigs are suspected of being fed bad food. Yet when it comes to other human beings, we roll in the aisles over their humiliation. We rejoice, even representatives of the Church, when they are treated worse than we would treat our domestic animals. What a terrible indictment of a so-called Christian nation!

I recall a sermon years ago that emphasized that the Jews were so wrapped up in their anger and hatred towards Jesus (who had failed to save them from the Romans) that they preferred to have a convicted killer released into their midst JUST TO MAKE SURE JESUS WOULD BE CRUCIFIED. Clearly a self-destructive mind-set.

I have been watching foreign TV news for about a half century, and in that time I cannot remember having seen a newscast that showed an accused person being paraded through the crowd on the way into Court, hand-cuffs or not. Yet we – good Christians and animal lovers – look forward to the videos of the humiliation of our brothers and sisters AS ENTERTAINMENT, ready to re-post them to all our contacts, with our spiteful comments added.

It’s not about Shane, my friend. It’s about our humanity.